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Being a mom is tough. And as hard as you try to do everything right, sometimes you just get it wrong. So I thought I’d share with you guys some of the times I got it wrong because no mom is perfect, right?! Haha!

-Clipping Hazel’s nails and accidentally clipping skin and making her bleed…twice.

-The time I forgot to restock the diaper bag with diapers. I shared more about that mom fail here, but basically, we went to a doctor’s appointment and Hazel had a major poop. I got her poopy diaper off and in the trash and then realized there were no diapers in the diaper bag. She had to go commando for the ride home and we prayed that she wouldn’t pee or poop until we could get a diaper on her.

-The time I forgot to pack a bottle in her diaper bag. Obviously, I really suck at keeping the diaper bag stocked. Ha! We went to Hazel’s first swim class and I didn’t even think about that the swim class would get over with at the time that she usually has her evening bottle. She was a little fussy on the ride home and I never forgot her bottle again.

-Not washing her hands before she eats…like ever. I’m so bad at remembering to wash her hands before she eats. Which is really disgusting if you think about it because she crawl on the floor and that’s where people walk with their nasty shoes, so she gets lots of germs on her little hands and then picks up her food and puts it in her mouth. So it’s basically the same as her licking the bottom of our shoes…which she has done before. Oops! What can I say? I’m just building her immune system. 😉

-The Yosemite fall. You can read more about the story here, but let’s just say that if you set a hiking backpack (you know, the ones with the frame) on uneven ground with your wiggly baby in it, there’s a good chance you’re baby will face plant into the hard dirt and get a bloody nose and bruised lip.

-The time I forgot to turn the baby monitor on at night and have no clue how long Hazel was crying before I finally woke up to pee and could faintly hear her crying through the walls. But I sure did get some good sleep. Haha!

-Letting her play with the dog dishes even though they’re disgusting. Cody always gets mad at me when he sees her playing with the dog dishes, but they entertain her while I’m cooking or washing dishes so ok with it. I mean, I don’t hand them to her to play with, but if she finds them and is having fun playing with them, why stop her?

I’m sure I have more mom fails from this first year of motherhood, but I can’t think of them right now. Please share with me some of your mom fails so I don’t feel like a horrible mom 😉

XO, Kacie

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