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I am totally that mom. You know, the mom who dresses to match her daughters. In my defense, it’s pretty easy to always match them because I usually buy us all neutral colored clothes. But I have even been guilty of changing my outfit if Hazel picks out something to wear that doesn’t match what I’m already wearing…like when I was wearing brown, and she picked out her black and white striped shirt with the pink bunny ears, and so I changed into my striped shirt, and of course I put Iris is stripes too. It’s just so fun to match/coordinate our clothes, and I have to do it while I can because when they’re in high school they probably won’t let me. Although, you can bet I’m going to try. Ha!

Iris and I are stepping up our fashion game with our new Nine West shoes.  I got the Fautif Pointy Toe Flats, and they’ve kind of started to replace my white sneakers. The heel is low enough to make them practical for my mom life of chasing a toddler and baby all day, so I’ve been wearing them with any outfit that I would typically wear my white sneakers with. I love that they’re a classic color and shape, but have the textured accent at the toe and heel to make them feel a little more on-trend. They take any outfit up a notch, even if the outfit is just jeans + and oversized sweater. And lets talk about Iris’ little sparkly shoes…Are they not absolutely adorable?! They’re something about baby shoes being so tiny that makes them the cutest thing ever! Both mine and Iris’ shoes come in multiple colors and I’m kind of thinking we both need another pair. I mean, a girl can never have too many shoes, right?

I’d also like to add that 1) Yes, we wear white a lot because it’s my favorite color to wear, 2) Yes, our white clothes get dirty, and 3) Thank goodness for stain remover!

XO, Kacie


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