I can’t believe it’s already been 2 months since Hazel was born! (These pictures were taken when she was 1 week old). I will always remember the day the #momentoftruth came that Cody and I were going to be parents and our lives would forever be changed. I thought I was well prepared for motherhood and ALL that comes with it. After all, my mom has been in childcare for nearly 30 years and teaches early childhood development and parenting classes, so I’ve been hearing about this parenting stuff my entire life. I know some people aren’t as lucky as me. Some even ask for help and get themselves nannies or au pairs. Now there is nothing wrong with this, as I completely understand how hard having a child can be. Getting an au pair could greatly help you out though, as these are people who are really keen to come explore a new culture whilst also helping to look after your child. If this is a job that sounds of interest to you though then you might want to check out this Cultural Care Au Pair to give you a good idea of how you can apply and what you should expect. I know that without my mum helping to guide me I would have struggled a lot more, which is why I completely understand if someone wants to get a little extra help here and there. Also, Cody and I had been planning for this child since we got married eight years ago (we always told people we would have kids after we’d been married for eight years, and we stuck to our plan). As prepared as we thought we were to see the positive pregnancy sign, that #momentoftruth was the most terrifying and happiest moment for me. I remember everything about that day. I remember what we ate for dinner, the late night run to the pharmacy, what I was wearing, even what the person in line in front of us at the pharmacy was wearing, and rushing home to take the pregnancy test. “When you’re waiting for some of the biggest news of your life, time is of the essence. Approximately 8 out of 10 women first learned they were pregnant from a home pregnancy test, and nearly half said they took the test immediately after buying it”…which is exactly what I did. “The e.p.t® Pregnancy Test is over 99% accurate from the day of your expected period, so you can feel confident in your results”. Confident enough to call your sister within seconds of seeing the positive sign to tell her the exciting news…we just couldn’t wait to tell somebody! When we shared the news with family, I remember them telling us how much we’ll love our baby and how it will be the best thing that ever happened in our lives. I’ll agree that all of that is true, but there are some things about motherhood our families left out (like how much you will talk about your baby’s poop). So I’m here to share with you the real truth behind motherhood. Here are 10 Things Nobody Tells You About Motherhood…

1. The Amount You Will Worry. Sure, we all know mom’s worry, but I didn’t realize I’d worry about literally everything. Cody was making fun of me because one day I was worried Hazel was sleeping too much and the next I worried that she wasn’t sleeping enough.

2. Poop Talk. Is she pooping enough? Is it the right color? Is it too runny? Too mucus-y? I never thought I’d ever be examining poop but her I am, examining poop. Haha!

3. The Array of Emotions. From pure love to happiness to frustration to kind of not liking your child to feeling guilt for kind of not liking your child and back to pure love…you will feel it all and then some.

4. Alone Time Trumps Everything. What do I want most these days? Just 5 minutes alone, please! As much as I love Hazel, sometimes I just want my alone time where I don’t have to constantly be thinking about somebody else’s needs. Just going to the bathroom is like a mini vacation to me. Ha!

5. You Will Miss Your Baby As Soon As You Get Alone Time. And then 1 minute into my alone time, I want my baby. I usually spend most of my alone time looking at pictures and videos of Hazel.

6. You and Your Spouse Will No Longer Be Able to Sit Down For a Meal Together. Even if she’s napping, it’s like she can sense that we are eating together and will wake up.

7. Everything Becomes a Song. I’ve made up songs about making breakfast, feeding the dogs, folding clothes, you name it. And Hazel thinks I have a beautiful voice 😉

8. It Will Take You a Week Just to Paint Your Nails. I’m not even exaggerating when I say it took me a week to paint my nails. One day I clipped my nail, the next day I got the old nail polish off three of my nails…by day seven, I said screw it and just painted over my old polish.

9. You Will Appreciate a Hot Shower More Than You Ever Thought Possible. I’ve always loved a hot shower but now, now it’s a little slice of heaven. It’s my time for relaxation and I cherish it so much.

10. Your Boobs Will Be Lopsided. One side produces more milk than the other, so my boobs are always uneven. Thank goodness for padded nursing bras!

11. BONUS: You will be so happy to spend your days singing about poop with unpainted nails and lopsided boobs because you love your child so much and wouldn’t trade your life as a mom for anything.

XO, Kacie

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  • amy says:

    Everything you said is 100% true. I’m a mom to a 26 year old and a 29 year old and unfortunately the older the kids get, the more I worry. I can’t stop worrying about them. I wake up in the middle of the night worrying about them. It’s awful. It’s the worst part of motherhood for me. The old saying “little kids little problems, big kids, big problems” is so true. The problem is, when they are little, you are for the most part in control. But when they get older, there are so many things you can’t control, and that causes all the worry. I can’t fix things for them anymore. All I can do is pray and encourage them.

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