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Someone commented to me that Hazel plays so well with toys and I think it’s because 1) she has so many toys and 2) I exposed her to toys from a young age. Toys are so so so important for your baby’s development, and just because babies don’t really play with toys for the first month or two, doesn’t mean toys aren’t a necessity. I think I’ve probably bought more toys for Hazel than I have clothes. Haha! Our house is filled with baby toys these days. I have four big baskets with toys and I know as Hazel gets older, we’re only going to be getting more and more. So I thought it would be fun to share some of Hazel’s favorite toys from the first 6 month of her life. 🙂 She still likes to play with these now (especially the Kleynimals), but she’s mainly into exploring the house and going for electrical cords and the dogs. Ha!

  • Play Gym: The play gym was the first place Hazel would let me put her down without crying. We have three play gyms. 1) This piano gym which was perfect when she started kicking her legs. Now we turn the piano so she can sit and play it. 2) This Guess How Much I Love You activity gym which plays music and has a mirror under the mobile for Hazel to look at herself. When she was little, we would constantly be twisting the thing to play the music because the second it stopped, she’d start crying. Lol. Now she likes to crawl around on it because each square is a different texture and makes a different noise. And 3) The Finn & Emma play gym which she can lay under, sit up at to play with the dangling objects, and we can also remove the dangling objects and use them as teething toys.
  • Musical Toy: Musical toys made tummy time a lot more fun for Hazel. The musical toys have been played so much that we can hum every tune and sing every song along with them.
  • Baby Paper: This was the first toy that Hazel loved and she still loves it!. It’s basically just a small square piece of fabric with crinkly stuff inside. It will keep your baby entertained, won’t tear, and it’s washable.
  • Teething Toys: Your baby will be wanting to chew on things before you know it. The Finn and Emma play gym comes with detachable wooden teething toys, or you can buy teething toys separately. But basically everything becomes a teething toy because the first thing babies do when they get ahold of something is put it in their mouth.
  • Oball Rattle: It’s perfect for when your baby is learning to grab for things because it’s easy to grab and hold on to.
  • Kleynimals Keys: I’m pretty sure this is the greatest invention ever! Hazel always thinks she needs our keys but keys are dirty and not safe for babies. Kleynimals keys feel like the real deal. Hazel loves them! She has started crying if I take them away or if she drops them. It’s so funny.

What are your must have toys for your little ones?

XO, Kacie


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