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Natural At Home Remedies To Help Kids With Seasonal AllergiesNatural Remedies For Seasonal Allergies


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Iris got hit hard with allergies last year. Nobody else in the family gets bad allergies so it was my first time dealing with them, and I was clueless. I did a lot of research, plus asked my community on Instagram for their tips, tricks, and advice, and it made a world of a difference. Doing these helped ease her symptoms last year, so we are being proactive with them this year in hopes that her allergies won’t flare up as bad as they did last year.

  • Keep windows closed: This will help to keep any pollen dust outside so that your child can have some relief from the allergies indoors.
  • Lemon, peppermint, and lavender essential oil: You can diffuse this or make it into a roller bottle, diluted with coconut oil, and rub it on their spine and bottoms of their feet.
  • Wash hair and body every night: This will help to make sure there is no pollen on their hair or skin that they could be taking into bed.
  • Wash hands after being outside: This will help to keep pollen of their hands so that if they touch their eyes, nose, or mouth, they aren’t exposing themselves even more to allergies.
  • Change clothes before nap: Any pollen that gets on your child’s clothes, will then transfer to their bed at nap time. By changing clothes before nap, you are helping to limit their exposure to pollen, and give them a little relief while they sleep.
  • Change pillowcases or bedding every day: If any pollen is brought into the house, it might settle on their bedding. If your child is still taking a nap and you don’t bathe them beforehand (we only do a bedtime bath), any pollen that was on their hair will now be on their bedding. So by changing bedding every night, you will help limit their exposure to pollen.
  • Eat local honey ( for kids over the age of 1): It is believed that eating raw local honey can help with seasonal allergies. By exposing your body to local pollen, your body will become less sensitive to it over time.
  • Take a weekly detox bath with epsom salt: This will help to pull out any toxins, which will ease allergy symptoms.
  • Saline spray: If you child is suffering from nasal irritation or congestion, a saline spray will help to ease the symptoms.
  • Take a probiotic: Gut health is so important. Studies show that improving gut health will help with seasonal allergies. Probiotics will populate their gut with the good bacteria needed to support a healthy immune system.
  • Wear long sleeves and pants (weather permitting): This will help limit exposure to pollen.
  • Use an air purifier: An air purifier will help to clean the air of pollen/allergies. Keep one in the room where you child sleeps, as well as the common room in the house where they spend most of their time.
  • Creekside Naturals Sniffles Supplement or Zarbee’s Natural Seasonal Relief: These are natural antihistamine

XO, Kacie

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