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black off the shoulder topblack off the shoulder sweaterblack off the shoulder sweater topall black outfitvelvet shoes


Black Off The Shoulder Top c/o Banana Republic | Faded Black Jeans | Black Bag: similar | Velvet Flats c/o Banana Republic

You guys, Hazel LOVES the mall! I brought her to the mall with me so I could return a couple things, and I put her in a wrap thinking she’d probably fall asleep because it was her usual nap time. But nope, she was wide awake the entire time just taking it all in. She loved looking at all the lights. Lights are probably her favorite things ever. I can’t even tell you how many laps I’ve made around our dining room table because she likes the chandelier we have hanging in there. I’m guessing close to a million laps. Ha! Anyways, her favorite store we went into was Banana Republic. Not only did they have good lights for her to look at, but they also had black and white photos hanging on the wall. She stared at the photos forever and the expression on her face was the cutest! She had all the employees thinking so was pretty cute too 🙂

Of course, I couldn’t leave Banana Republic empty handed. I walked out with two trends I’ve been dying to try. 1) An Off The Shoulder Sweater and 2) Velvet…velvet shoes to be exact. I obviously styled the pieces more casually, but I think they would be perfect dressed up for the holidays. Imagine the off the shoulder sweater with a metallic skirt…YAASSSS! And the velvet shoes actually come with a ribbon that ties around the ankle, and they would be so pretty paired with a black lace dress. Can you tell I’m super excited for the holiday season? Who else is as excited as me?

XO, Kacie

P.S. I still have some baby weight to loose but hopefully soon I will be love handle free 😉

Brought to you by Banana Republic. All opinions expressed are my own.


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