Off The Shoulder Dress ℅ ChicWish | Gold Sandals ℅ Little Mistress | Gold Cuff Bracelet ℅ Sira Mara | Kate Spade Bag | Wishbone Necklace ℅ Merci Maman

More off the shoulder dresses from Chicwish:

My friend since I was in 1st grade (she was in 2nd) got married over the weekend and I was in the wedding (if you follow me on Snapchat @elementsofellis, you might have seen some of the wedding fun). Since I was headed to my hometown for the weekend, I decided to go a day early to spend time with my 88 year old grandpa (the one whose name I have engraved on my wishbone necklace from yesterday’s post). We had the best time watching movies, eating cookies, going to our favorite Chinese restaurant, and running errands together. Grandpa went with me to take blog pictures and he had me cracking up in-between shots because he kept copying my poses. He also told me that if someone tried to kidnap me, he would beat them with his cane, and if that person knocked him down to get to me, I needed to pick up his cane and starting beating them with it. Haha! But don’t worry, nobody was beaten with a cane in the making of these blog photos. But I might have to beat my sister off with a cane because she’s trying to get her hands on my off the shoulder dress…of course, that would backfire on me because my sister is way stronger than me.

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XO, Kacie


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