Hairpieces for men uk

^^ this picture was taken with my phone so that’s why the quality isn’t the greatest


After 25 years (almost 26…did I mention my birthday is on Saturday?) of having virgin hair, I got my hair colored!…or bleached…I’m not really sure what it’s technically called. This is a really big step for me because I don’t handle change well. Pretty much all my friends and family thought I would come home crying because I wouldn’t be able to handle the change. Lol. But I didn’t shed a single tear! Ha! I absolutely love it! It has taken some getting used to and at first I felt like I was a total blonde. lol. Which I know is crazy but my hair seemed so blonde to me. Then I spent the weekend with my blonde friends and realized my hair is slightly darker than theirs. lol. 

 I know that colored hair gets damaged more, so I started using the Paul Mitchell Ultimate Color Repair collection to keep my hair healthy. I actually started using it about a month before I got my hair colored and I really love it. I use hot tools on my hair pretty much every day and it has protected my hair from damage, so I’m so excited to use it now that my hair is colored. If you have a favorite product you use to keep colored hair healthy, let me know ๐Ÿ™‚

XO, Kacie


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