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Maternity Gown c/o Pink Blush | Slip DressHazel’s Floral Dress | Cody’s Grey Shirt

Aaaahhhhhhh! I am so obsessed with our maternity pictures taken by my friend Morgan from Magnolia Rain Photography! We had this idea for an orchard blossom maternity photoshoot, but it almost didn’t work out. We planned to take our pictures in the almond orchards because they usually blossom at the end of March/beginning of April, but then we had a super warm February and they bloomed early. So then we planned to take them in the prune orchards because they bloom later. The prunes were looking like they were about to bloom so we set a photoshoot date, and then we got a cold front and it stopped the blooms so we had to cancel. Luckily, the prune orchards bloomed a couple weeks later and we got the orchards blossom maternity pictures we dreamt of (well, the photos Morgan and I dreamt of…I don’t think Cody really cared where we took pictures. Haha!).

This orchard is near my brother-in-law and sister-in-laws house and it was the absolute perfect place to take pictures because it was fun for Hazel to get to run around and play between pictures. My sister-in-law met us there to help watch Hazel while we took pictures, and she helped make sure all my lines were looking smooth too…i.e. she told me to take off my underwear because the underwear line was showing through my dress and made it look like I had a fat roll. Haha!

These pictures will forever be so special to me! I can’t believe we get to meet that little baby in my belly in less than two week! Eek!

(You can see the maternity shoot we did when I was pregnant with Hazel here…it’s completely different than what we did this time and I love it just as much).

XO, Kacie

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