Picnic with my Sister

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Picnic Style
Picnic Style
Picnic Style
Picnic Style
Picnic Style

See the gal in these pictures with me? Yup, she’s pretty much my favorite person on earth (sorry, hubby. lol) This gal, my friends, is my sister, Jamie. You may have heard a thing or two about her on this here blog before. She’s the one who taught me the importance of tying my shoes by tripping me and giving me a bloody nose. Hopefully she has figured out a better way to teach that lesson to children because she’s going to be a mom soon! And mothers giving their children bloody noses is frowned upon.
I went home for the holiday weekend and since this is probably the last time it will be just us before the baby is born next month and crashes the party, we decided to document it with a little photo shoot. (Thanks, mom, for taking the pictures!) My sisters dogs photo bombed our pictures but they’re cute so they got away with it. While I was there, I also took some maternity pictures for my big sis and her hubby. Check them out below 🙂

My Outfit Details:
Floral Maxi Dress c/o Missguided
Midi Ring Set c/o ILY Couture
Name Necklace c/o oNecklace (10% off w/code GIFT10)
Bracelet c/o Rosena Sammi 
My Sister’s Outfit Details:
Black Maxi Dress (maternity)
Initial Necklace | similar
Gold Sandals | similar

I am by no means a professional photographer but for my sister, I’ll pretend to be 🙂 I want to share all of them with you but there are 30 pictures so that would make a very long post. These three are some of my favorites. Isn’t she the cutest pregnant person?!


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