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Plain White Tee

By July 14, 2014 30 Comments
White Muscle Tee
White Muscle Tee
White Muscle Tee
White Muscle Tee
White Muscle Tee

My old white tank top was getting a little… not white. Luckily I found this one just in time. My mom had to convince me to buy it though because in my mind, I already had a use-to-be-white-and-now-still-pretty-much-white-tank-top. But according to my mom, it was dirty and I needed a new one. What do moms know anyways? Turns out, my mom was right. I bought this top, compared it to my old white one, and holy cow, my old white tank is no longer white! It is dirty! When did that happen? But do not fear new white tank top. I have a plan to keep you bright white forever. That’s right, I finally figured out how to use bleach. Bleach scared the living daylight out of me when I was younger and accidentally bleached my sisters favorite shirt and she got mad and I had to buy her a new one. Since then, I haven’t gone near the stuff. But in order to keep my whites white, I’ll face my fear. And I’ll face it in only my old ratty clothes that I no longer care if I ruin and gloves that go up to my shoulders.
Outfit Details:
Cynthia Rowley White Muscle Tee | similar
Printed Track Pants | similar (on sale for under $30!!!)
Cross Body Purse c/o Zappos (sold out)
Monogram Necklace c/o oNecklace | similar
“Dope” Necklace c/o Satterday
Long Necklace: Ashley Schenkein Necklace c/o
Gold Watch | similar


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