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Photos by: Magnolia Rain

I am so excited to be back with my favorite group of mamas for another addition of Let’s Be Honest Mamas. This group was originally started by Hannah from the blog Hannah Renee, but she has gotten so busy taking care of her adorable little boy and making the coolest items for her shop, Pact House Supply, that she had to step down as our organizer. But all of us moms that are a part of this group love the community and support we’ve built with each post (you can see our past posts here) so we’ve decided to bring back the Let’s Be Honest Mamas monthly series. This month, we are talking about life postpartum and sharing our own experiences, struggles, and tips. Postpartum life is different for everyone so we hope that by sharing our own experiences, you’ll be able to find one (or more) of us that you can relate too.

  1. Did you deal with the baby blues or postpartum depression? If yes, how long did it last and how did you cope? I had the baby blues for about 2-3 weeks after Hazel was born. Every night at 7pm, I’d break down crying. It didn’t matter what we were doing or how happy I was in the moments before, but 7pm would hit and I couldn’t control my tears. I’d usually take a shower and cry the entire shower. Then I’d call my mom or sister and cry to them (I’d cry to Cody sometimes too). I think had to adjust to my new life as a mom and say goodbye to my old life. And then it struck again a couple months ago (when Hazel was 10 months old). Motherhood can be very isolating, especially for a homebody who is shy, whose family lives a couple hours away, and who doesn’t get out of the house much. I started feeling really sad. I cried to my mom, sister, and Cody, and then decided I need to get out of my comfort zone. Hazel and I started going to story time at the library two days a week, and it has been awesome! It’s so nice to have a reason to get dressed, to interact with other moms, and to watch Hazel play. It makes both Hazel and I so happy 🙂
  2. What are your must-have products for postpartum life? A belly band? Pads? Certain types of clothing? 
    • Cami Style Night Gowns: I had a c-section so they were perfect for lounging around the house and sleeping in. They were easy to nurse in and didn’t rub on my c-section scar.
    • Belly Band/Corset: My nurse had me put one on when I was still in the hospital. She said it would help my muscles heal together after the c-section and make for an easier recovery. I wore it for a month or so postpartum and I definitely think it helped.
    • Pads and hospital underwear: I stocked up on everything they gave me at the hospital because they were so comfortable!
  3. What is one thing you wish you would have been more prepared for postpartum? All the emotions you feel. I’m not usually a very emotional person so the fact that I was feeling so many emotions and couldn’t really control them kind of took me by surprise. We also had some medical stuff with Hazel that just added to it all. But it was weird to love her so much and at the same time, kind of not like her. Does that make me a bad mom? I remember listening to the song “I hate you, I love you” and thinking that’s how I feel about Hazel. Again, I think it had to do with adjusting to my new life and that I didn’t really know her. We were still learning about each other. Obviously, I still loved her more than anything but…it’s just a hard feeling to describe and I think you only get it if you’ve been there. I’ve talked to other moms who felt the exact same way and make me feel normal. And then I’ve talked to other moms who never felt that way and can’t even imagine it. But either way, we all love our babies 🙂
  4. Share your favorite postpartum recipe…an easy meal, lactation cookies, etc.  We struggled with breastfeeding and my milk supply so I made these lactaion cookies and smoothie to help. I still make the cookies sometimes even though I’m not nursing because they’re yummy 🙂 I alos made some meals ahead of time and froze them so we’d have easy meals once the baby was born. Here are some of our favorite recipes: White Enchiladas, Oven Baked Tacos (I froze the mixture and then when it came time to cook it, I defrosted it, put it in the taco shells, and baked it according to the instructions), and this Pinto Beans Recipe.
  5. What do love about your postpartum body? I love my c-section scar. My stomach isn’t nearly as flat as it used it be, somedays my scar is super itchy and other days it will be kind of sore, but it’s a reminder of the day Hazel came into our lives. It also reminds me of my mom because she had to have a c-section too (breech babies must run in our family…my sister also had two c-section’s because of a breech baby).

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XO, Kacie

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