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Brown Paper and/or Cardboard

Brown Marker


Glue Shaving Cream

Food Coloring

Sequin and/or Sprinkles

My girls LOVE making this diy puff paint, so I’ve been trying to come up with any craft idea I can to use it. In the winter, we use it to make a melted snowman, and for the summer we’ve come up with this fun ice cream cone craft that can be done two ways to fit your child’s age/development.

DIY Shaving Cream Puff Paint Ice Cream Cone Craft

Step 1: Cut the cardboard or brown paper into an ice cream cone shape.

Step 2: Use the brown  marker to draw the waffle pattern on the cone.

Step 3: Mix equal parts shaving cream and glue to make the puff paint, and add food coloring to make desired color.

Step 4: Let child decorate with the “ice cream” puff paint (give them a paint brush or spoon for this part, or let them use their hands).

Step 5: Give your child gems/sequins/sprinkles to top the ice cream cone.


Melted Ice Cream Cone Craft:

To make the melted ice cream cone, give your child a piece of paper and all the ice cream cone parts (paper cone, shaving cream puff paint, gems) and let them place the parts on the cone however they want. It’s “melted” so it’s supposed to be messy and not perfect. This craft is great for younger toddlers who might have a difficult time keeping the puff paint on the ice cream cone in the above craft.

XO, Kacie

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