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Rainbow Nature Craft

Items needed: Cardboard, Glue, Nature Items (flowers, leaves, etc.)

This was such a fun craft to do! It involved a nature walk which got a lot of energy out, and then we came back home and the kids were ready to color sort our finds and create the rainbow.

Step 1: Go on a nature walk with your child to hunt, find, and collect all the colors of the rainbow.

Step 2: Color sort the findings.

Step 3: Cut a piece of cardboard into a rainbow shape.

Step 4: Glue the nature finds onto the cardboard, grouping the like colors together to create the look of a rainbow.

This craft promotes the development of gross motor skills (the walk), color recognition (finding the colors in nature and then sorting/matching them), and fine motor skills (picking up the nature finds and placing them on the glue)

XO, Kacie

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