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^^ Before I got my hair colored

ombre hair

They say you always want you don’t have. When it comes to me and my hair, that saying is so true. I have thick, coarse, dry, curly hair, but I’ve always wished my hair was straight, silky, and slightly less thick (10 inches of my hair weighs 2 pounds!). Growing up, I was a total tomboy, and it felt like so much work to maintain my frizzy hair, so I always wore it in a pony tail. But somehow I was voted best hair in 8th grade. I’m pretty sure that instead of voting for “best hair” like they were supposed to, the students accidentally voted for the most hair. Haha! But it’s the highest award I’ve ever received, so I’m still holding on to it as my claim to fame. Although, I must say, my mom would style my hair pretty darn amazing for things like picture day and school dances, so maybe that’s what won me such a prestigious award. lol. That and the fact that I went to a tiny school that had less than 50 girls in the 8th grade class helped too. Anyways, in high school, I discovered the straightener/flat iron, and ever since then, once a week, I’ll blow dry my hair and then straighten it with a flat iron. Then throughout the week, I style it with a curling iron. It’s a lot of heat to put on my hair, but what kept my hair looking healthy was that I never colored it…until October of last year. I was super worried that coloring my hair (and still using a lot of hot tools) would make my course, dry hair look super damaged, so I’ve been on the look out for products that will keep my hair healthy and nourished. When I was shopping at Target , I spotted the new Dove Regenerative Nourishment Collection, and since I love Dove Hair products, I knew I had to try it. It really helps to repair any damage the coloring treatment and hot tools do to my hair. I feel like my hair is just as healthy now as it was before I started coloring it 🙂 With this collection, I can keep transforming my hair in ways that make me feel my most beautiful 🙂 So next time you’re at Target, grab the new Dove Regenerative Nourishment Shampoo, Conditioner and Serum in Oil.  Your hair will thank you just like mine thanks me! Yes, my hair can talk 😉

XO, Kacie

This post is part of a social shopper marketing insight campaign with Pollinate Media Group® and Dove Hair, but all my opinions are my own. #DovePartner  #MyHairStory #pmgdove  http://my-disclosur.es/OBsstV


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