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Kids make every holiday so much fun! I love that we can make holidays special, magical, and memorable for our kids. Seeing their excitement is the best! With St. Patrick’s Day next week, I wanted to make this holiday fun and special too, so I can up with some ideas and Hazel is loving them so far!

  • Read “How To Catch a Leprechaun”: This is such a cute book!
  • Make a Leprechaun Trap: This is a fun activity you can do together as a family. A simple Leprechaun trap for a younger child is to wrap a shoebox in contact paper (sticky side up) and have your child stick green and yellow/gold items (feathers, pom poms, paper cute into shapes) to the box.
  • Decorate a Shamrock Craft: Cut out a piece of paper (construction paper, foam paper, or you could use a brow paper back) into a shamrock shape. Give your child glue and green items (feathers, torn up tissue paper, etc.) to decorate the shamrock.
  • Go on a Golden Shamrock Hunt: We found this gold Shamrock at Target in the dollar section, but you could also make your own. You can hide it for your child to hunt, or the Leprechaun can hide it and leave a note/clue for where your child can look for it. Hazel has been loving going on a golden Shamrock hunt every morning.
  • Silly Leprechaun Tricks:
    • Green Foot Prints: Make you hand into a fist, dip the side of your hand in green paint, stamp it where you want the foot print, add dots at the top for toes
    • Green Toilet Water : put a few drops of green food coloring in your toilet
    • Draw a Rainbow on the Mirror
  • Make Green Food:

If you have any other fun St. Patrick’s Day ideas, let me know.  I’d love to do them with my girls!

XO, Kacie

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