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I wanted to think of an Easter craft to do with Iris since I do so many with Hazel (usually during Iris’ morning nap). I came up with this Sticky Easter Egg Decorating craft and she loved it.

Step 1: Cut contact paper into an egg shape (you could also cut it into a bunny or lamb shape, but an egg is easiest so that’s what I went with. Ha!)

Step 2: Tape it to the wall (sticky side facing out). *If your baby isn’t standing yet, you could place it lower so they could sit at the wall and still reach it.

Step 3: Cut foam paper into different shapes. *I used foam paper and cut the shapes kind of big because babies at this age typically put things in their mouth, but for older kids, you can also use feathers, pompoms, or even leaves and flowers you find outside.

Step 4: Set your baby in front of the sticky egg with the foam shapes within reach and show them how they can place the shapes onto the sticky egg. If they’re anything like Iris,  they’ll love taking the shapes off even more than they like putting them on. Haha!

Step 5 (optional): If you want to save the finish product of this craft, you can place contact paper on top (so the sticky sides on on the inside) and it basically laminates their egg art. 

XO, Kacie

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