Striped Tank Top ℅ Sheinside | White Ripped Jeans (DIYed): similar | Nude Heels ℅ Wallis | Nude Bag ℅ Wallis: similarSunglasses ℅ Sheinside

We moved into our new house last week and I was so busy moving that I went an entire week without getting dressed in normal/cute clothes, putting on makeup, or styling my hair. Let me tell you, I was feeling like a total scumbag by the end of the week. Haha! But it felt soooo amazing to finally put myself together after an entire week. Of course, I had to stick with trusty stripes for my first time getting dressed since moving… and then we went to Target and Home Depot to buy stuff for the house  🙂

This striped tank top is playing tricks on my eyes. The stripes are so tiny and I’ve been staring at these pictures for so long while editing them, that the stripes are starting to look more like squiggly lines to me. But tricky stripes or not…I’m so loving this tank for summer! 

XO, Kacie


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