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I recently swabbed my (now old) iphone case to see how many microbes/germs were on it, and the results were so gross! I had never really thought of the cleanliness of my phone before—but it makes sense that it would be disgusting considering all the places my phone has been as a mom-on-the-go. It has been touched by grubby little toddler hands, on the floor of a public restroom (thanks Hazel for digging it out of my bag and setting it on the floor while I sat helpless going pee. Ha!), and once I accidentally dropped in a dirty diaper. Oops!

Thank goodness I discovered Tech21 and their antimicrobial cases to keep my phone safe and clean. These new cases, with antimicrobial protection, reduce microbes/germs by up to 99.9%! Is that not crazy amazing?! I definitely need that kind of protection for my phone. The other amazing part about the Tech21 cases is that they have a drop protection of 8 feet or more. This is an absolute must for me because I am constantly dropping my phone—in dirty diapers, on the ground when I’m getting in and out of the car, etc. One time, I dropped my brand new phone the day I bought it and it completely shattered the face of it, but I was too cheap to pay to get it fixed because I had literally just spent money buying it, so for two years I had a phone with a shattered face. I learned my lesson from that, and now know the importance of having a good phone case that will actually protect my phone. That’s why I love knowing that with Tech21, no matter where I drop my phone or what it lands in, it’s going to stay safe from the drop and protected against the germs.

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XO, Kacie

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