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Iris and I got to fly out to Cincinnati a few weeks ago to visit P&G headquarters, home of Pampers diapers. We learned about the science behind Pampers diapers, what makes them great, and how much thought Pampers puts into their diapers. Up until that trip, I didn’t know much about what goes into making a diaper. I knew I liked Pampers diapers the best. I knew they seemed to provide better protection, less blowouts, etc. But I had no idea all the science that goes into making diapers- science that truly makes Pampers the best! They’ve been the best for generations and they only continue to get better. My mom used Pampers on me and my sister, my sister used Pampers on her kids, and I use Pampers on my kids. Pampers Swaddlers were the first diapers my girls were put in at the hospital and they’re what we’ve continued to use.

If you think about it, babies are in diapers almost 24 hours a day, 7 days a week. It’s the one thing that is constantly touching their delicate skin, so it’s important that diapers not only provide great protection, but are also gentle on their skin. There are three key factors that I look for in a diaper and Pampers meets them all.

  1. Softness: Since diapers are touching my girls’ skin nearly 24/7, I want the diapers to feel soft and comfortable for them. Pampers recently updated their Swaddlers with a pretty Heart Quilt design that is two times softer than before.
  2. Protection: Nobody is a fan of leaks or blowouts. It’s uncomfortable for baby (and it’s no fun to have to clean up either). Both my girls sleep through the night (Iris sleeps 10 hours and Hazel sleeps 12 hours) and take long afternoon naps (3-4 hour naps), so it’s important to me to have them in a diaper that is going to give them protection while they sleep so they don’t wake due to an uncomfortably wet diaper. Pampers has always provided the absolute best protection and continues to provide the same great protection with their upgraded Swaddlers.
  3. Dryness: My girls have never really suffered from a bad diaper rash, and I attribute that to our Pampers Swaddlers diapers. Diaper rashes comes from moisture being on the skin/the skin staying wet. Pampers Swaddlers have air channels in them that allow for air to reach babies’ skin to keep it dry.

I always knew Pampers were great and it was so fun to get to learn the science behind what makes them the best.

XO, Kacie

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