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Toddler Gift Guide


When it comes to buying gifts for my kids, I only buy gifts that I know they will play with a ton! Ones that are open-ended and use their imagination and creativity. I find that often the toys that they are most excited about in the store (those have-to-have-it-throw-a-tantrum-in-the-aisle-because-I-want-it-so-badly toys) are the toys that they lose interest in the most quickly. But the toys that use their imagination and can be played with multiple ways are the toys they play with for years and years.

  1. Wooden Blocks: We’ve had these wooden blacks for years! The girls would chew on them as babies and now build with them as toddlers.
  2. Wooden Nesting Rainbow: Stacking or building, this toy is perfect for open-ended play.
  3. Wooden Animals for Nature: My girls love to get outside and create with things they find in nature. The wooden animals have holes in them so kids can put flowers, twigs, or leaves in them to create little animals.
  4. Easel: Perfect for your art loving child!
  5. Playhouse Castle: A cardboard castle fort your kids can decorate and play inside! It comes in different styles and blank canvases too!
  6. Dress-up Clothes: For boys or girls, dressing up is a fun expression of their imagination.
  7. Animal Figurines: We have several types of these (farm, safari, etc) and they are our most played with toys. The girls play with them in their doll house, outside in the dirt, in sensory tubs, and in the bathtub.
  8. Rainbow Veil: Watch the video to see all the creative uses for this rainbow veil.
  9. Silk Scarves: We have these scarves and they have been used to dance with, as capes and skirts, to build forts, and the list goes on.
  10. Wooden Eggs + Basket: Sort these by size, use in sensory tubs, or let your child use their imagination!
  11. Wooden Mushrooms + Basket: The girls play with these outside in their fairy garden, and in the dolls house with their toy animals.
  12. Dollhouse: This simple and plain dollhouse allows for your child’s imagination to run wild! We have a bigger dollhouse with pictures on the walls of each room, but the girls play with this simple on WAY more. Because it’s a blank canvas, your child can use their imagination to pretend it’s a princess castle, barn, or cave.
  13. AirFort: An easy fort to set up (you’ll need fan) and it stores in a small bag so it doesn’t take up a ton of space when it’s not in use.
  14. Stroller: My girls love pushing their baby dolls around in this, and they’ll sit in it themselves and push each other around. Ha!
  15. Straw Building Toy: A great toy for any little builder! Throw a blanket on top of what your child builds and it instantly becomes a fort.
  16. Rainbow Pebbles: This comes with cards that have creations on it that your child can try to copy. Or you child can stack them and create with them however they’d like. My girls like to put the green pebbles on top of their wooden blocks to make trees, or use the blue pebbles as water for their toy frogs.
  17. Sit n’ Spin Toy: We got this toy when Iris was 1 ½ and Hazel was 3, and now a year later, they still love it! My 6 year old niece also has a ton of fun spinning on it! The kids also come up with games where they spin and get dizzy and then try to make it to a destination in the house. It’s a game full of giggles!
  18. Kiwi Co. Box: The gift that keeps giving! Kiwi Co. is a monthly subscription box that has crafts/activities for kids ages 0-14.
  19. Dome Climbing Gym: The best outdoor climbing structure for young kids! We’ve had this for over 2 years and it still gets a ton of use!
  20. Stomp Rocket: Fun for all ages! It wears the kids out because after they jump on the rocket launcher to send the rocket flying, they run after it to find it, and then do it all over again.
  21. Magnet Tiles: You can never have too many! We have two different sets and I plan to buy more as the kids get older.

XO, Kacie

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