easy diy growth chartdiy growth chart tutorial


Growth Chart Vinyl Stickers

-1×8 6ft long finished wood board (ours is finished in Birch)


-Rag and Sponge

Kids grow up way too fast! I can’t believe how big and tall Hazel is getting! I know time will fly just as quickly with baby #2, and I want to be able to document their growth over the years. I’ve seen the tall wooden measuring stick growth charts at Pottery Barn Kids that cost $100 and love them, but didn’t want to spend that much money, so I decided to make one myself. I wanted the process to be quick, easy, and something I could get done during nap time. This project cost me about $35. I could have made it for a little less by buying wood that wasn’t already sanded and stained, and doing those steps myself. And I could have also saved money by painting the lines and numbers on myself with growth chart stencils, instead of buying vinyl stickers. But like I said, I wanted to quickest and easiest DIY Growth Chart I could make. Plus, this still saved me $65 🙂

Step 1: Use a sponge to apply three layers of polyurethane on the wood to seal the wood and bring out the natural grains in the wood. Use a cloth rag to wipe off the excess polyurethane. Allow to dry. Note: Allow to set overnight in a warm, dry place (i.e. Inside your home) because the stickers will stick better to it when its warm.
Step 2: Use a pencil to mark where your foot markers will be. Note: it is designed to hang 8 inches off the ground, so your 1ft marker will be 4 inches from the bottom of the board.
Step 3: Place the stickers on the board.

If you make this DIY, I’d love for you to email me a picture or tag me on social media (@elementsofellis)

XO, Kacie

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