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So we were at the library the other day and a little kid stuck his hands in Iris’ mouth and Hazel licked the library table. I busted out my Nice ‘n Clean Antibacterial Hand Wipes so fast and started wiping down the table. Haha! But that’s not even the worst of the things that have been in Hazel’s mouth. She also ate dog poop twice and licked the side of the trash can (we’re really good parents ;)) Hazel has always been one to put everything in her mouth, which I know is all part of how babies and toddlers learn and develop, but I’m still like “really, Hazel?” And now Iris has entered the “put everything in your mouth stage” + the “crawl to the dogs so they can lick my face” stage, so we’re just in germ city over here. I could try to keep my kids in a clean little bubble, but that’s not good for them either. So instead I’ve discovered a few little tips, hacks, and products to help keep the girls healthy even when they’re exposed to a lot of germs.

Teach Your Child Good Hygiene: I have a 2 year old and a 6 month old, so this is still something we’re working on, and will be working on for the next few years, but teaching your child good hygiene will help to prevent them from not only getting germs from others, but also spreading germs to others. Teach your child to keep their hands out of their mouth, wash their hands, cover their coughs/sneezes with their elbow, don’t share water bottles with friends, etc.

Make Hand Washing Fun: Hand washing is obviously a great way to wash away those germs, but sometimes it can be difficult to get our kids to want to wash their hands. Try making it fun by singing a song while they wash their hands or have them wash their dolls hands too.

Hand Wipes: Hand wipes are our holy grail when it comes to keeping germs away. Why do we use wipes instead of gels? Wipes remove dirt, food, and bacteria from both hands and surfaces, which means I can use them to clean our hands, and to wipe down tables at a restaurant or toys that they want to stick in their mouths. Our favorite wipes are Nice ‘n Clean Antibacterial Hands Wipes. They kill 99.9% of germs, plus they’re safe and natural. Nice ‘n Clean wipes are made from a 100% plant-based fiber with a very gentle formula. They have also been proven to remove 99% of peanut residue which is important to us because my sister is allergic to peanuts. I keep a pack of wipes in my diaper bag, in my car, and around the house so I can always be ready to keep the germs (and peanut residue) away. If I were you, I’d head to your local CVS to purchase Nice ‘n CLEAN Antibacterial Hand Wipes 5 X 20ct. Family Value Pack asap!

Eat a Nutritious Diet: Feed your child immune boosting foods. That includes protein rich foods like cheese sticks and yogurt, as well as fruits and veggies. I have a picky eater so I know this is much easier said than done.

Drink Water: Drinking water will flush out any toxins in the body that may cause a common cold.

Add Lemon to Your Child’s Diet: Lemon has a lot of vitamin C, plus it’s anti-inflammatory and fights viral infections. An easy way to add lemon to your child’s diet is to add a few drops of lemon juice to their water.

Exercise: Exercise is part of a healthy lifestyle, and if your child leads a healthy lifestyle, they are less likely to get sick. So get them moving and playing every day. Of course, if your child is sick, you’ll want to skip the exercise and give them plenty of rest.

Get Some Fresh Air: During the winter months, everyone tends to be inside more which can make it easier for germs to spread. Take your child outside to get some fresh air when possible.

Get Rest: Rest is an important part of a healthy lifestyle. Be sure to give your child the amount of sleep they need for their age. If they are at the age of no naps, give them “quite time” to lay and read a book, watch a tv show, color, or do some sort of low key activity. Whether it’s a nap or “quite time”, that period of rest will help to keep them healthy.

Keep A Routine: Kids want, need, and thrive when there’s a routine. Your child’s body will get used to a routine and send their brain signals for when it’s time to play, rest, ect. So keeping to a routine will make getting your child to sleep easier, which is important to keep them from getting sick. Basically, having a routine is important for a kids overall health and their attitude too. 😉

Thieves Essential Oil Roller: A thieves essential oil roller is a great natural way to boost your child’s immune system and fight off those nasty germs. Just roll a little bit on the bottoms of their feet once a day.

So far, Hazel has only been sick twice in her two years of life, and both times only lasted a day, and Iris hasn’t ever been sick. I’m hoping we can have another successful year of surviving the flu season.

XO, Kacie

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