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We’re hosting Christmas at our house again this year. We’ll have my parents and my sister, plus her little family at our house for five days, and we’ll also have some of our extended family over for a Christmas Eve dinner. I am so excited to have everyone here, but that also means I have a lot of preparing to do…clean the house, shop for food, make the food, and get rid of the ants that started trying to make a home in our kitchen and bathroom when the rain started. I’ve got a lot do, but this isn’t my first holiday hostess gig, so I’m feeling pretty prepared thanks to these tips below.

Holiday Front Door Decor

Make lists: Make a list of everything you need to get done. As soon as you write all your to-do’s on paper, it immediately relieves some of your stress. No detail is too small to be added to the list. Wash cloth napkins, spray for bugs, meal plan, etc. Plus, it’s always rewarding to get to cross something off your list.

How To Get Rid Of Bugs
Indoor Bug Spray
Zevo Bug Spray Review

-Get rid of unwanted guests (aka bugs): Nobody wants bugs crawling around their house at all, but especially not when guest are over. I use Zevo instant action sprays to get rid of bugs both before guests come over, and during the party if I spot a bug trying to be a party crasher. I love Zevo because the sprays are all safe to use around people and pets. They’re made from essential oils and don’t contain any chemicals. The smell of the sprays is so light that I can’t even smell it after it’s been sprayed, which means you can spray it and stay in the room without any powerful smell giving you (or your guests) a headache. Zevo has four different formulas: crawling, flying, stinging, and muli-insect, so whatever you bug problem is, I’d go buy some Zevo spray!

-Fake a clean house: Don’t put extra stress on yourself to have a sparkly clean house. Nobody is going to be staring at your floors or doing a white glove test on your shelves to check for dust. Instead, pick up any clutter lying around and clean your bathroom. Your bathroom is the one place that your guests will have a moment to pause and look around, so make sure it’s clean.

Simple Holiday Decor
Christmas Card Display
Holiday Card Display
Tips For Hosting A Holiday Party
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Easy Holiday Decor

-Keep decor simple: No need to go overboard on the decorations. Add a few easy, festive touches around your home with evergreen bows, cinnamon pinecones, and an easy holiday card display. For an extra touch, have some holiday music playing in the background.

Tips For Hosting A Party
Hosting A Party
Holiday Hosting Tips
Holiday Entertaining Tips

-Accept help/ask for help: Delegate, delegate, delegate. Ask your close friends and/or family to come over early to help in the preparations, or ask them to bring their favorite dish. I also usually ask my guests to bring their own drinks so I don’t have to stress about making sure I have something for everyone.

-Do as much ahead of time as possible: Prepare as much of the food ahead of time as possible, and plan out your serving trays ahead of time too. I get out all my serving trays the night before and use sticky notes to label which foods go in which tray. This way I know I have all the serving trays I need, and when a friend arrives early to help, they will easily know what food I want on the trays.

XO, Kacie

This is a sponsored conversation written by me on behalf of Zevo. The opinions and text are all mine.


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