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Toilet Paper Rolls

Hot Glue Gun

Pom Poms, Sea Shells, Feathers, Paint…anything to decorate the building

I always save our toilet paper rolls because the are perfect for so many crafts! This past weekend we used them to build with. I love this because it really lets your child imagination run wild. Your child can create a princess castle, a garage for their cars, a doll house, or whatever their little mind comes up with. Hazel created a mermaid castle with the sea shells we collected on our vacation. To do this craft you’ll need toilet paper rolls, scissors, a hot glue gun (I tried elmers school glue but it didn’t dry fast enough to hold everything in place), and whatever you’d like to decorate with.

Step 1: Cut some toilet paper rolls into smaller rounds

Step 2: Have your child choose where to place each toilet paper roll/decoration and help to hot glue them into place.

If you do this craft with your little one, share it on social media and tag me (@elementsofellis) so I can see 🙂

XO, Kacie

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