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A little advice for all pregnant women: don’t fall down stairs. I fell down mine and landed on my belly and it’s not that fun. My friends joked (after we knew the baby and I were going to ok) that I was just trying to show my baby how to do a flip since she’s in the breach position and needs to flip to the birthing position. I was leading by example like any good mother would. lol. But all joking aside, it was really scary. 

On Sunday afternoon, I was cleaning the house and doing laundry. I was carrying the dog beds downstairs and half way down, with about 10 stairs left to go, I fell. I didn’t even actually touch any of the stairs, I just flew over them all and landed on our hardwood floors. I was able to turn a little bit mid air so I landed more on the right side of my belly instead of directly on the baby bump. I was also able to get my hands down by my belly to help protect the baby when I landed. Of course, that left my face open for a hard hit and my front teeth slammed into the floor. I was screaming and crying louder than I knew I was capable of. My first thought was obviously the baby and my second was that I no longer have front teeth. I thought for sure I’d knocked them out and that I was covered in blood, but luckily there was no blood and my teeth were still in my mouth. Cody was outside when it happened but heard my screams and came running in the house. I was still screaming and crying when he got to me. He helped me up and over to the chair, and started gathering our  things so we could head to the hospital. I was able to calm myself down with slow, deep breaths because I knew it wasn’t good for the baby to have me all worked up. My top front tooth was a little loose and out of place but I was able to pop it back where it belongs. (I have a dentist appointment this afternoon to get it checked out). I had some pain in my right lower back and the right side of my stomach but was able to walk to the car on my own. Cody was driving like a crazy person trying to get me to the hospital quickly (we live about 20 minutes from it). I called my parents on our way and, of course, started crying again when I had to tell them what happened. My parents live 2 1/2 hours away so they called my aunt who lives near me and she met us at the hospital. I felt the baby moving on our way to the hospital which was very comforting to know she was still alive. At the hospital, they hooked me up to all the machines to check on the baby. The baby’s heart beat was strong, but I was having little contractions very close together. They checked my cervix to make sure I wasn’t going into labor and it was still closed, so that was a good sign. They gave me an IV to help slow down the contractions and said they needed to monitor me and the baby for 23 hours. The concern was that 1) I could go into premature labor and 2) My placenta could detach due to the trauma, in which case, I’d have to have an emergency c-section. The doctors and nurses were absolutely amazing and so comforting though. They said the baby looked great and that it was highly unlikely that either of those two things would happen, but they wanted to take all the precautionary steps just in case. I told my parents and sister not to come since the doctors were so confident everything was going to be ok. My aunts stayed with us for a few hours and then my two best friends came to visit also. All the love and support from my family and friends was amazing! My contractions finally stopped on Monday morning and 23 hours after I had arrived, I was discharged from the hospital 🙂 I’m still a little sore and I have to go back to the doctors in a week for some monitoring/testing, but I’m so thankful the baby and I are both ok. I posted about the fall on Instagram last night and I was overwhelmed with everyones comments, messages, and texts. Thank you all so much for your kind words and prayers. I’m going to be taking it easy these next few days and I promise I’ll start holding on to the hand rails when I go up and down the stairs. My grandpa already called me to tell me about the importance of hand rails.

Now that the baby and I are both ok and we can joke about it, my brother-in-law told me he’s going to buy me the Acorn Stairlift device. And my best friend sent me this meme. Haha! It’s so nice to be past the scary part and onto the joking part.

XO, Kacie


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