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White Maxi Dress | Black Moto Jacket | Black Flats: similar | Snakeskin Crossbody Bag: similar

Obviously this is another non-breastfeeding friendly outfit (lesson learned the hard way on that. Haha!). I wore this outfit while I was still pregnant but never got a chance to take pictures in it. I love it so much so I decided to throw it on for pictures so I could share it with you guys 🙂

Speaking of breastfeeding, I forgot to share a funny breastfeeding story from when we were at one of Hazel’s appointments for her hip dysplasia. She was hungry and had a poopy diaper so I went in the bathroom to change her diaper and then back into the waiting room to nurse her. I didn’t put on a nursing cover because they’re kind of annoying to deal with. So I’m nursing Hazel when a guy comes up because he found keys in the hallway near bathroom door and thought they might be mine. I noticed he was avoiding looking at me and when he left, Cody turned to me and said, “Kacie, you realize your boob is hanging out, right?” I guess Hazel had quit nursing/unlatched from my boob and I was just letting it hang out there for the world  to see. Haha! You think that would have taught me to use a nursing cover, but I hate those things so much so I still don’t use one. I just run the risk of occasionally accidentally flashing people. Oh and in case you were wondering, they weren’t my keys.

XO, Kacie


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