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wtf mom moment bath time

This bath wasn’t nearly as glamorous as it looks. 1) Hazel kept trying to eat the flowers so I had to push them down by my feet, and 2) She peed on me. Hazel and I take a bath together every night and she pees on me every. single. time. Haha! But the thing is, it doesn’t even gross me out in the slightest. Before I had Hazel, I remember helping my sister give my niece, Stevie, a bath in the sink. Stevie peed in the bath water as soon as we set her in it and my sister just stuck her hand right in the pee water! I thought it was so gross! But now here I am not just sticking my hand in pee water but sitting my whole body in pee water. Oh how things change once you become a mom. Luckily, she hasn’t pooped in the bath yet. She farted once and I about threw her out of the tub. I can handle pee water, but I don’t think I could handle poop water.

XO, Kacie


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