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Going out to dinner is a relaxing treat. You don’t have to cook, wash dishes, the waitress brings you anything you ask for…and then you have a baby, and going out to dinner is like trying to wrestle an alligator in a fine china cabinet without breaking anything. So I went out to dinner with a couple friends last week, and Cody was supposed to watch Hazel so Mommy could have a baby-free night, but he ended up having to work late so Hazel came with me. It was our first time eating out without either Daddy or Grandma as back-up, or even another mom who knows the struggles of dining out with a baby. Basically it was just me and my baby alligator named Hazel. First up, parking. You know a restaurant isn’t going to be baby friendly when they don’t even have a parking lot. I mean, what parent is going to want to walk a mile while holding a car seat…those things are heavy! Then we get to the restaurant and the hostess forgot to write down our reservation, so what should have been no wait is now going to be a 15 minute wait, only they lied to us and it was actually an hour wait. So now I have to entertain a baby for an hour while we wait. But the hostess was kind enough to ask if I’d like her to bring Hazel some crayons and a coloring book so she can color while we wait. Really? For a 5 month old baby? Lady, if you give Hazel crayons she’s going to eat them and be pooping out a rainbow for the next week. I politely said “no thank you” because obviously she doesn’t know anything about babies and was just trying to be helpful. When we finally get seated, it’s Hazel’s bedtime so you know this is going to be a fun dinner. Ha! Let’s just say, we’re lucky we made it through dinner without breaking all of the plates. Hazel tried to pull the tablecloth off several times. I ended up having to sit sideways so that she couldn’t keep trying to destroy our table setting. Eat sideways while holding a baby? Yeah, I now have stains on my clothes. But by the end of the night my friends said how Hazel was such a good and easy baby. I’m glad I at least looked like I had everything under control. Haha! And I’ve been told that dining with kids only gets more difficult as they get older so this should be a fun few years. 😉

XO, Kacie


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