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Babies always seem to have the best timing…and by “the best”, I mean “the worst”. Like if you’re running late and trying to get out of the house, that’s when they decide they’re hungry or they poop or they spit up their blueberry puree breakfast all over their cute white outfit and your cute white outfit. I swear, it’s like they do it on purpose because they think it’s funny to ruin mommy’s day. Ha! Ok, so Hazel had a doctors appointment and naturally while I’m talking to the doctor, Hazel decides to poop. And not just any poop. Nope, a blow out poop. On my pants (as seen in the picture above). Thanks a lot Hazel. But that’s not all…I get her poop-y diaper off and in the trash, and go to reach into my diaper bag to get a new diaper to put on her, but I have NO diapers. Oops! Cody and I opened every cupboard in the doctors office hoping we’d find a diaper, but no such luck. I’ll admit, I even debated digging her poop-y diaper out of the trash and putting it back on her because I really didn’t want her peeing all over her car seat on the ride home, but poop-y diapers are gross and poop-y trash diapers are even more gross, so Hazel went commando on the ride home and I made Cody carry her to the car that way if she peed, she’d pee on him and not me. I know, I’m a super nice wife like that 😉 We managed to get her home and in a diaper without any more accidents so overall I’d call it a parenting win…sorta.

Note to self: Always check the diaper bag before leaving the house.

XO, Kacie


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