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Hazel’s Dress: similar

Hazel loves all things dogs! She loves to pet dogs, and give them hugs and kisses. She loves dog toys, dogs beds, dog food, and dog poop…yes, even dog poop. My parents and sister both have little french bulldog puppies, which means they’re not quite potty trained yet, and Hazel has eaten their poop twice! You read that right, TWICE!

The first poop eating incident…One night when we were at my parents house, the puppies and Hazel (because she won’t leave the puppies side) were in the kitchen while my sister and I were washing dishes. I turned around to check on Hazel to make sure she wasn’t trying to get into the garbage (another one of her favorite things…this girl is disgusting! Haha!) and I notice dog pee on the floor and Hazel is standing right next to it. I yell, “Mom! Pee!” as I scoop up Hazel, and that’s when I notice it…dog poop…in Hazel’s hand…and on her cheek! I start yelling “Mom! Poop! Hazel ate dog poop!” as I quickly get it out of her hand. Cody hears my screams and comes running into the kitchen and he’s freaking out. “What?! She ate dog poop?! How much?! Where’s the soap?! We need to wash her mouth?!” I’m not a germophobe so by this point I’m just laughing because really, what else can you do? The damage is done. She either ate the poop or she didn’t. We’ll never know. She was making a funny face though, so I’m praying she only got a small taste of it and decided it was gross and spit it out, and didn’t actually swallow the dog poop. Oh, and yes, her mouth did get washed out, but just with a wet washcloth, no soap.

One week later: The second poop eating incident…We were back in my hometown to celebrate my sister’s 30th birthday. Hazel is having a sleepover at Grandma and Grandpa’s house with her two cousins Stevie (3 years old) and Shad (22 months old), and of course, one of the puppies was there too. My mom is in the kitchen with Hazel, Shad, and the puppy when Stevie calls her into the other room for help. About a minute later, my mom hears Shad yelling “Uh oh! Uh oh! Uh oh!”. She enters the kitchen to see Shad pointing at a pile of dog poop and telling Hazel “no”. But Hazel wasn’t listening. She was headed straight for the dog poop. By the time my mom reaches her, the dog poop is in Hazel’s hand and headed straight for her mouth. We think she only gave it a little lick, but we also don’t know if she ate any poop before my mom entered the room.

Someone please tell me I’m not the only one whose child has eaten dog poop?! Haha!

XO, Kacie

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