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My Outfits: Grey Jeans | White Open Back Top | Sunglasses | Denim Shorts | Boots: similar

Hazel’s Outfits: Pink Jumpsuit | Bonnet | Moccasins | Gathre Play Mat

The views at Yosemite are AMAZING! I can’t believe that I’ve lived only a few hours from it my entire life and had never been. We went with a my parents, sister + her little family, and a few of my cousins. It was so much fun! My favorite hike was to Taft Point. It’s a really easy 1 mile hike there (my two year old niece walked the whole way herself) and the views are the absolute best! We also loved Bridalveil Falls…another easy walk and you’re right at the base of the waterfall. You are so close to it that you get soaking wet just from the mist that comes off the waterfall. We did the easier hikes since we had so many kids with us, but we really want to go back to visit Vernal Falls because we’ve heard it’s really cool…just not an easy one for kids. Speaking of kid friendly hikes, if you hike Taft Point with young kids, you’ll wan to hold your kids when you get their because you are literally on a cliff.

Ok, so I have to tell you about my mom fail that happened while we were there. The backpack Hazel rode in for our hikes has a stand on it so you can prop it up on the ground with your baby still in it. It makes it super convenient for feedings. Anyways, I had it set on the ground next to me with Hazel in it and I thought the ground was level enough but apparently I was wrong because some people walked by and said hi to Hazel and she got all excited and flung herself forward. When she did that, the whole backpack fell forward and she landed face first on the hard dirt path. Of course she started screaming, and I couldn’t get her up and out of the backpack fast enough. Her nose was bleeding and she had a bruised/purple lip. I held her to calm her down and her bloody nose started dripping down my back. I was wearing my open back shirt and I don’t know if the mosquitos smelled the blood dripping down my back or what, but they started attacking my back. I couldn’t do anything about it because I was holding Hazel so I ended up with about 15 mosquito bites on my back. Now I’m afraid I’m going to get the Zika virus and I won’t be able to have another kid for like 3 years which will totally screw up my plans. Haha!

But seriously, you guys, Yosemite is amazing! It should be on everyone’s bucket list. Just remember to wear mosquito repellant/don’t give your child a bloody nose/don’t wear an open back shirt…although, the open back shirt looks really cute in pictures 😉


XO, Kacie


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